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be a hot topic especially after the news we just told you. he hits the campaign trail for joe sestak for fun fund raising. jon: terror or cease where the botched bombing suspect got on a plain for detroit. who was picked up this time and why are u.s. authorities worried. jenna: in the bottom box, where more democrats are breaking ranks with party leaders. all that and much more straight ahead. jon: a huge hurricane batters the tiny island of bermuda. igor hits with 95-mile an hour winds. janice dean is watching this thing in the faction weather center. >> reporter: it could have been a lot worse. center of igor40 miles west of bermuda, last night around 11:00 local times. winds ar68 miles per hour gusting to 93. tropical force storm winds extending 350 miles from the center of the storm. this is a huge, huge event. hay had tropical-force storm winds for at least 24 hours on the island of bermuda. there doesn't seem to be a lot of damage or injuries reported, but igor did cause two deaths in the caribbean. there is the storm right now off screen because we don't have the satellite pic
of pennsylvania, the democrat on the hard right is joe sestak. he'll join us soon to talk about his come from behind fight against pat toomey. >>> plus, should president obama have done anything differently to stop the disaster. no federal federal, no wall street reform. finally, wait until you see arizona governor jan brewer's excruciating 13 seconds of brain freeze in last night's debate. that's in the side show. let's start with whether president obama could have done anything differently to avoid a midterm election disaster. politics daily's david corn and micha michael sheerer writes for "time" magazine. michael, i'm going right to you. trust in the government dropping about 20%. yet, obama offered government as the primary solution to most of the nation woes, calling for new investments on health care. they say repeatedly telling pollsters that have helped the economy, if he had been at nothing, a numb nut, done nothing, been a jerry ford, just carried on and done nothing, would he be better off than being the active progress he's been? that's the biggest complaint. >> that's one. the b
. the president is attending a dinner for pennsylvania democratic senate hopeful joe sestak. chief political correspondent carl cameron tells us sestak is embracing his early conflict with the white house. >> reporter: the president arrived to support democratic congressman joe sestak despite having opposed him in the may senate primary against republican turned democrat arlen specter. sestak courted latino voters and cast his feud with the administration as helpful, not harmful because it prove his independence from the president. >> everyone knows the washington establishment of the democratic party didn't want me in the race. >> white house chief of staff rahm emanuel enlisted president clinton to offer sestak an appointed administration position in exchange for not running for senate. now sestak needs the president's help. republican pat toomey leads most polls and the g.o.p. hopes pennsylvania becomes one of the ten pick-ups needed to reclaim the senate majority. the keystone state lost 82,000 jobs since the stimulus passed and unemployment is over 9%. half of those polled had unfavorab
, the president coming to philadelphia to campaign for joe sestak. when reporters asked arlen specter, who of course was defeated by sestak in the primary how he thought sestak was doing in the campaign, he said, pointedly, i'm late for the squash court? >> well, look, as you know -- and i've been on with you a lot -- these -- it's a tough climate. but we are seeing the races close as we thought we would and we're also seeing as the republicans complete their primary season, they have a full-blown civil war going on in the party that is producing opportunities for us. there are races we are going to win in november that six months ago we were quite certain we were going to lose. the wins an the losses, they'll net out as they net out, but we'll win races because of what the republican party is dog. but we've got a lot of work to do over the next six weeks. we've got a good plan. we're investing heavily in the candidates and the field structure that enabled us to do well in '08. i'm upbeat and determined and the folks who work around me every day are the same way as i am. >> is joe sestak g
not be higher. on the one hand, we have a candidate in joe sestak who is not a career politician. everybody has been talking about insiders in washington. well, joe is not one of the insiders who's been part of the problem. instead, he's been solving problems in washington. [applause] he didn't go there with a liberal agenda or a conservative agenda. he went to serve the people of pennsylvania, just like he's served his country for the last three decades. [applause] this is somebody who's always working for you; whose door is always open; who's helped pass 10 pieces of legislation in just three years - the first new federal funding for autism treatment in 12 years; student loan assistance for u.s. troops called to active duty; support for troops who come home with ptsd; more help and more contracts for pennsylvania's small businesses. [applause] he has been doing the work. in washington, you know, they make the distinction between show horses and work horses. and joe is a work horse. [applause] he's been working, not talking. [applause] and this is somebody who's been pragmatic. he will work wi
out of the preliminary against arlen specter. congressman joe sestak joins me now. congressman, good to see you. >> good to be back, kochb tes sa. >> how kt president at this point help you tie up the race? >> he's making it very clear as he comes into philadelphia what the stakes are with this race. congressman toomey, which is the the epitome of what's wrong with washington found a special interests group. but his special purpose, which has actually led to the extreme elements of the tea party today, was to purge the republican party of moderate republicans. so a toomey-led team in the senate, an extreme fringe element of the republican party, is another movement in that deep freeze of the senate to where soon hell will freeze over because there is this extreme view that benefit wall street, benefit corporations and the dire consequences for the middle class that should have been called club for growth, should have been called club for shrinking the middle class, club for shrinking the mod roerates of the republican party, that's what we have to q uas h. >> so many people think thi
for senate candidate joe sestak. the white house is trying to give sestak a boost, despite support for arlen specter in the democratic party. joining us live from philadelphia with more, athena. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. as you said, the president heads to philadelphia this afternoon for two fund-raising events for senate candidate joe sestak at the convention center. the first a reception, followed by a dinner. he'll head to the pyramid club. the joe sestak price range goes up to $2400. for the dnc fund-raisers they start at $10,000 and go up to $34,400. that dnc convenient is supposed to raise $1 million, they expect. having the president headline fund-raisers is all about trying to rev up the democratic party base. we heard former president bill clinton say on "meet the press" this weekend if the democrats can shake voters out of their sense of an think, they'll do fine against republicans in november. that's what these events are all about. what we're likely to hear the president make many of the same arguments he's been making lately, the economy's on the right track, sure, the
obama. (cheers and applause). >> reporter: but in philadelphia today, congressman joe sestak, who's running for the senate, said he's thrilled. >> i'm proud to welcome him here because he's got the same message i have. >> reporter: with control of the senate on the line, the president is in full campaign mode, helping sestak raise money but even in this overwhelmingly democratic city, that won't be easy. many democrats here are disspiritted. >> i think that the political mood is one of fear and of panic but... >> reporter: for democrats, you mean? >> for democrats. >> reporter: and some former obama supporters are just fed up. >> i don't care anymore. i just... i'm done being idolistic. i'm done. >> reporter: presidential candidate obama won pennsylvania decisively two years ago, even carrying the philadelphia suburbs, but his popularity has there has plummeted because of spending, deficits, and health care reform. >> once you move outside of philadelphia, the president's job performance drops very, very sharply. >> reporter: sestak is narrowly trailing conservative republican pat
leaving the white house within the hour headed for pennsylvania the campaign for senate hopeful joe sestak. isn't this so interesting? just think of the visual. the president backed his opponent in the democratic primary, that was arlen specter, remember? and, you know, basically, the whole story about how they used president clinton to try to convince joe sestak to get out of the race. now the president's behind sestak all the way because he wants him to beat the republican nominee, pat toomey, come november. some say, however, support for president obama especially in pennsylvania could do more harm than good for sestak. right now president obama's approval rating in the pennsylvania not so hot. 37% of voters say the president's doing a good or great job. we had a fox news opinion dynamics poll last week that put him at an all-time low nationally at 42%, 37 in pennsylvania. carl cameron's following it live in philly. all right, carl, some democrats running away from the president. president who? obama who? never heard of him. and this president actually ran against sestak, there can't be
in pennsylvania because the main reason i'm here is to stand beside your next united states senator joe sestak. [applause] audience: joe! joe! joe! joe! the president: joe! joe! joe! joe! joe! [applause] and joe is right. in me, he's got a friend. and i'm not the only one. look, this is a friendly crowd. [laughter] everybody here loves joe. everybody here is supporting joe. but i want to talk a little bit about enthusiasm, energy; why you need to work for joe; why, between now and november, i need everybody here to knock on some doors, and write some more checks, and make some more phone calls, and talk to your neighbors about joe. that's what we need. [applause] and you need to do this because the choice in this election could not be clearer, and the stakes could not be higher. on the one hand, we have a candidate in joe sestak who is not a career politician. everybody has been talking about insiders in washington. well, joe is not one of the insiders who's been part of the problem. instead, he's been solving problems in washington. [applause] he didn't go there with a liberal agenda o
the hard right is joe sestak. he'll join us soon tonight to talk about his come from behind fight against pat toomey. should president obama have done anything differently to avert a oh tension november disaster? would we have been better off had there been no stimulus spending, no health care reform bill, no wall street reform? we'll debate that point. a new poll shows illegal immigration has dropped off. is it still a killer issue for the republicans? wait till you see arizona governor jan brewer's excruciating 13 seconds of brain freeze in last night's debate in the sideshow. >>> let's start with whether the president could have done anything differently to avoid a med term election disaster. david corn from mother jones and michael sheer writes for "time" magazine. michael, right to you on this. i want to quote you. in 2008, trust in the federal government was at a historic low dropping about 25%. yet, obama has offered government as the primary solution to most of the nation's woes calling for new investments in health care, infrastructure. some pollsters saying even programs that he
said on may 25th of this year concerning the issue of joe sestak, your fellow congressman. let's watch. >> an allegation has been made that mult mel sources in both parties, anthony wiener, dick morris and other democrats have made it very clear, even axelrod, that they should answer that in fact this is serious, this is an impeachable offense, according to dick morris and i think that brings back the whole nixonian question, what was done wrong, it's about the cover-up. >> do you believe there was any impeachable offense involved in white house conversations or alleged conversations with joe sestak? the democratic for the state of pennsylvania. >> that investigation has been pretty well been completed. it's not an alleged allegation now that we have e-mails and conversations with joe sestak and with romanov. what we're trying to get to the bottom of in the next congress, is this business as usual. something that happened under what we believe probably happened under the bush administration and as governor rendell says well you don't change everything. will the american people want us
with a nine-point lead now over democrat, joe sestak. that's an automated poll which some pollsters might not be as accurate, but toomey is looking strong. in california the newest public policy poll has senator barbara boxer leading carly fiorina 50-42. and's trend on the question, of which party voters want control in congress is now 45-42, favoring the republicans. although, modestly. now, to delaware, where a political earthquake resulted in the country's introduction to the newly elected republican for senate, christine o'donnell. everyone wants to know about her. here's bill maher on his hbo show "realtime." >> christine, if you're watching, i created you. you need to come on this show. if you don't come on this show i'm going to show a clip every week. i'm the only one who has them. i ordered them. let me show this clip from "politically correct" i don't know what year, like 1997 or something. >> you were a witch. >> i dabbled into witchcraft. i never joined a covenant. >> you were a witch? >> i didn't join a coven. >> wait a minute. you're a witch -- you are going at
. joe sestak is now within five points of toomey. in missouri, a poll by has robin carnahan within striking distance of republican roy blunt. but in new hampshire it's republican ayotte with a 14-point lead over democrat hodes. we'll continue to check the hardball scoreboard each night. >>> joining me is josh marshall, founder and editor of "talking points memo" and joan walsh of salon. let me start with you, josh. this new appeal by the president, the vice president, speaking of talking points, they seem to have them. buck up. >> you know, they're in a tough position. they have to get their base out. frankly myself, i think they're right. if the people -- every democrat who supports those positions, those people need to show up. the problem is that the white house keeps coming into this with -- a lot of this comes down to tone. it's really tough for them to get the message out about without seeming dismissive or condescending. they've got their work cut out for them. they already have this track record, where a month ago robert gibbs said this thing about the professional left and
with an ad in your state. joe sestak is running in your state. sestak has tried and tried and tried even with the help of gordon gekko to tie pat tommey to wall street. >> someone reminded me greed is good. now it seems it's legal, because everybody is drinking the same kool-aid. >> you know what the definition of economics is. that's when someone explains to you something you've known your whole life in a language you don't understand. >> in a way, it's a pretty good bang, bang tieing pat tommey up to wall street, the numbers aren't working. why? >> well, you know, it's hard to say it's not working. that race has just begun to be joined. pat toomey had the airwaves all summer. joe started his campaign. he had an effective ad where he uses pat toomey's own voice saying corporate america shouldn't pay any taxes. i think that's something most pennsylvania residents would find distressing. we're all subject to our own back grounds. pat toomey was his own boss. the legitimate question is is he going to represent working pennsylvanians are special interests and financial companies. that's a l
in their re-election campaigns. republicans are seizing the opportunity. >> congressman joe sestak voted for the washington healthcare takeover. >> for california insurance companies who decide to abandon child-only policies, the consequences could be severe. a bill awaiting governor schwarzenegger's significant would bar such companies who sell insurance in the lucrative individual market for five years. the governor reportedly has not taken a position yet. cheryl? >> all right, jenelle, thanks very much. in san jose two agencies are investigating whether a police officer committed a crime. this is after he confronted a 15-year-old boy who had sex with the officer's 14-year-old stepdaughter. theresa garcia joins us now from san jose. the motorcycle officer pretented to arrest the boy. >> yes. if pretended is the word. all the parents were clearly upset to find out the two teens had had consensual sex but there is disagreement how it was handled. the officer's attorney say he never pretended to arrest the boy and certainly that the officer was invited to use scared straight tactics and t
and went to the plant and talked about it. >>> coming up, joe sestak of pennsylvania and eugene robinson the "the washington post" and moderator of "meet the press," david gregory. plus another live report on hurricane earl as it makes its way up the east coast. we will be right back. ♪ [ female announcer ] stay once... stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at ♪ >>> welcome back to "morning joe." no one has this storm covered like msnbc. >> four cameras. >> who did -- residents bracing for powerful gusts and driving rain you can see from hurricane early morning. nbc kristen dahlgren is out there bearing the brunt of the storm. how are things going out there this morning? good morning. >> haes good morning. i won't bore you with talk of my fingers here. right now we're getting the worst of what we have seen so far. the center of earl kind of passing by off the coast here so i'll step out of the way so you can see. because this rain has just been coming down side
the campaign trail later on. he's going to head to philadelphia to support joe sestak in favor of arlen specter who was defeated. we're getting real push back from the white house on a story in the new york times that the democrats are bushing an -- >> well, look, the times did get into something. there is a disagreement inside the democratic circles about nationalizing, going after the tea party. there's some folks that say, you know what, you can go to the businessman republicans and say, you know what? you may not be happy with what president obama, but these folks are going to be even tougher to deal with, harder to deal with, and you won't have a friend at all. that's one motivation of making the tea party the face of the republican party. >> getting enthusiasm on the part of -- >> right. but the second part goes to why the president is in pennsylvania. they are like, look, we've got a way to stop the republicans from winning the senate. it's a race by race strategy. we can use the president in various places. philadelphia is one of them. go out to california, go out to washington. so do y
, pat toomey, again, seven-point lead over joe sestak in striking distance. florida, marco rubio is pulling away. he's up by double digits now. both crist and kendrick meek. we'll continue to check the "hardball" scorecard through the races coming up to election day on november 2nd. the democrats' strategy. let's talk about this final strategy. the "washington post" eugene robin. msnbc political analyst. and charles with the politico, the hot charging news organ these days. here are clips from ads that house democrats are running. ohio's betty sutton, arizona's harry mitchell and florida's alan grayson. he's a wild character at times. let's listen to all three of them. >> you've heard the old saying buyer beware. be ware of car salesman tom ganley, sued over 400 times for fraud and more. >> as treasurer he had ethics problems and record of mismanaging our money. now he's a predatory real estate speculator. >> he wants to force raped women to bear the child. >> submit to me. >> taliban dan webster. hands off our bodies and our laws. >> submit to me. i don't know -- interesting edi
opened up an eight-point lead on congressman joe sestak in the pennsylvania senate contest. democrat jerry brown has pulled even with meg whitman in the california gubernatorial race. the ohio senate race seems to be breaking for republican rob portman with 49-36% over lee fisher. the nevada senate contest between majority leader harry reid and republican sharron angle is virtually even. in west virginia it's also close. latest public policy poll has raise with a lead over governor joe manchin. despite manchin's 59% approval rating, this is the seat held for more than a half century by democrat robert byrd who died earlier in year. there is breaking news from yemen on the hunt for al-qaeda. that is coming up shortly. straight ahead, another warning to the u.s. from iran's fiery president. a free hoveround collapsible grabber with the purchase of your power chair. it reaches, it grabs, it's collapsible and it's portable. it goes wherever you go. get it free while supplies last. call the number on your screen to get your free video, brochure and your free hoveround collapsible grabber.
. >> fascinating, going into help joe saestak from the phil area, this is the same congressman sestak who won back in may. it shows you all isary in love and politics. he's running behind a guy named pat toomey. what joe sestak needs is turnout in philadelphia, particularly in the african-american community, and an obama visit will generate some excitement and hopefully for joe sestak generate some money. these are the kind of states where he needs to hope that he can make a difference, drive turnout, a place where there is some democratic base that's just not excited yet. >> it's not just politics that's going to be making news, pig skin is going to be making a lot of turn. that was a got turn, wasn't it? >> that's buy you're the anchor and i'm the guest, i could never do that. labor day as you know, this is kind of the official kickoff of the political season, of course it's the official kickoff of the football season too. do i have time to make a prediction? >> yeah. >> i have two predictions, one texas a&m aggies, my in-laws, everyone who i know who is my inlaw went there, they will be better
actually mean what you say, you're not just saying it for political reasons. that's why joe sestak won the primary to go back to pennsylvania. he appeared to be the more authentic democrat. arlen specter switched parties in the spring of 2009. he won in large part because he appeared to be more genuine. more in line with your average voter. clearly someone to keep an eye on. >> someone who is genuine and doesn't have to fake it. >> thanks so much, chris cillizza. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." tomorrow on the show, christopher hill plus pj crowley as the u.n. gathers here in new york. you can follow the show online and on twitter. thomas roberts is up next. what have you got? >> a lot coming up in the next hour. the worst recession since world war ii is declared over. why are americans still hurting? we'll talk to john harwood, who just wrapped up a town hall. lay day gaga is using star power to support a cause. she's holding a rally two hours from now. michael smerconish will be here with his take on this. when i had my heart attack, i couldn't believe it.
it out of the park. i'm glad you did it. finally, is joe sestak going to win in pennsylvania, in your opinion? the president's going to go there and stump for him, which i think there's a lot of hatchets being buried and team players stepping on board. >> the answer is simple. if democrats forget they're a little disappointed in this and that, and they know what the stakes are, and the stakes are do we want to turn the government to a party so different in their ideas than us, that ought to be enough to get us off our seats. there are more registered democrats in pennsylvania. if we get excited joe sestak wins and we ought to win. >> governor, i think your tan is natural. i know boehner works on his. >> mine is. mine is. thanks. >> coming up, folks, i've been waiting for this for eight months tonight. brett favre, my hero and the vikings head back to new orleans to take on the champions. i'm talking to stephen a. smith next in the playbook. stay with us. don't shake your head, brother, you know who's going to win that game tonight. an veryday moment can turn romantic anytime. and when
to pennsylvania in two weeks. he's going to campaign with joe sestak, the democrats' senate nominee here. this is a state, pennsylvania, where the democrats are trying to hold on to that senate seat. the governor's office and five house seats also. the republicans are trying to win back. a lot of politics at play. why does all this matter? because of the economy. check this out. brand new numbers from the cnn and opinion research corporation, new national poll, 44% of the people we questioned said the economic conditions right now are very poor. fred, that's up 7 points from july. that pessimism it appears is on the rise according to our new poll numbers. >> i wonder, too, paul, how awkward is this going to be for the president he's going to be campaigning for joe sestak when it wasn't long ago the white house was hoping somebody else would be facing november 2nd, not him? >> reporter: yes, exactly. the white house, at one time, was backing the incumbent here. the longtime senator arlen specter, a republican, who last year changed parties to become a democrat. sestak challenged him. the
government for the most part. what joe sestak is doing to close the race there is less important than the fact that people are focusing on toomey what is me saying? what is he saying about social security? about rose, about frankly the thing that pennsylvanians like? because it's a big, industrial, generally moderate state. i think that's what's happening in place after place, the focus on the republican conservatives is what's bringing the democrats back. >> roger we'll have jack conway from kentucky in a minute. the same thing is happening there, the views toward drug legality on behalf the rand paul supporters with racist backgrounds giving him money, those questionings being asked right now. >> and howard's point is a good one. every year we say all politics is local until we get to the mid terms and say, no, it's national in fact, it is a lot about local races, individual candidates, candidates with excel consequence in their close eithers, or candidates who don't bond well, or candidates who just have positions that people don't like. that's the good part. individual races where
senate race, democrat joe sestak currently trails, toomey in the. ed rendell term limited, tom corbett running ahealed as we enter the final weeks of that contest as well and pennsylvania is critical. if republicans. get the 39 seats they need to take control of the house of representatives they need some pickups in the state of pennsylvania, jason altmire, patrick murphy and mark critz, if the obama white house had to pick one race to watch most closely it would be the murphy race, let me show you why. murphy's district is here in the philadelphia suburbs, right down in this area. it is a part of state murphy district down here, the blue collar area is from scranton a lento llentown, reading, obama carried these areas comfortable in 2008. the last time a republican won pennsylvania for president was 1988. george h.w. bush did that, look at that, remember the areas again, all of the blue collar areas, the critical philadelphia suburbs. george h.w. bush carried them by saying michael dukakis was too liberal. that was 2008, the key challenge in 2010, can democrats hold the areas that are
afghanistan policy from stanley mcchrystal. after that, president obama campaigns for joe sestak in pennsylvania. and later, more about campaign fund-raising. >> the c-span video library is a great resource and to see what is happening in washington. find the events that were most watched and most shared. all free. the c-span library -- watch what you want when you want. >> now republican senator lindsey graham of south carolina on the afghanistan war and counterterrorism strategies. he just returned from afghanistan where he served as a legal adviser. this hour and have a discussion is from the american enterprise institute. >> ladies and gentlemen -- ladies and gentlemen, if i can ask you all to be seated and and your conversations, please. we would like to get started on time. it is not that i am not grateful that you are having a very nice time. good afternoon, everybody. welcome to the american enterprise institute. i am the vice-president for foreign and defense policy studies. thanks a for joining us today. we are very proud to have senator lindsey graham here today. he wi
is leading joe sestak by about 20 points. the reason this is important, this is a true ideological divide. pat to me is very conservative. -- toomey is very conservative. joe sestak is pretty conservative for having served in the navy, but they are in the navy, but they are fighting from different political corners. host: let's take a look at some of their ads. >> the think joe sestak -- when joe sestak went to washington, we had a record deficit and a financial disaster. >> you voted for the president's health-care plan, stimulus plan. which establishment are you running against? >> want to change washington? pat toomey does. >> are you ready to turn back the clock? pat toomey is. he supported the bush agenda every step of the way. tax breaks that send our jobs overseas. he backed bush on privatizing social security. pat toomey, why would we ever go back? host: chris has is aboard our c- span digital bus. we just saw the lastad, sestak focusing on whether or not voters want to turn the clock back. there has been a debate on whether that is the strategy, or do they focus on the tea party
, are seizing the opportunity. >> congressman joe sestak voted for the washington healthcare takeover. >> jack conway took their side. >> the obama's administration maintenance the public's negative opinion of the law is a result of misinformation. >> so i think the more people engage in the conversation, the more they understand that we're getting serious about fraud and we're gonna take the trust fund very seriously and protect those taxpayers' dollars the more enthusiastic they get. >> republican leaders have tried to do all they can to chip away at the healthcare law but acknowledge even if they kick back, the majority in congress, a full appeal is next to impossible. abc news, washington. >> the heads of two iowa egg farms linked to last month's salmonella outbreak are set to testify before congress this morning. members of the house energy and commerce committee want to find out more about wright county egg and hillendale farms. it resulted in the recall of half a billion eggs and sickened 1600 people including dozens in the bay area. an fda investigation found towers of manure, bug and
to motivate them to support pennsylvania democrat joe sestak. >> we can't afford to go backwards, we need to move forward. we need joe sestak to move forward. the future will beat the past, that's what this election is about. >> reporter: mr. obama was on friendly turf in pennsylvania. but earlier monday, the president joined a cnbc town hall meeting where he came face to face with disappointed and disillusioned supporters. >> i was really inspired by your campaign and the message that you brought. and that inspiration is dying away. it feels like the american dream is not attain bable to a lot of us. >> quite frankly, i'm tired of defending you, and deeply disappointed with where we are right now. >> times are tough for everyone right now so i understand your frustration. >> reporter: the president defended his record on financial and health care reform, pleading with his audience to keep the faith. >> my goal here is not to try to convince you that everything's where it needs to be, it's not, that's why i ran for president. but what i am saying is that we're moving in the right directio
. in pennsylvania, former republican congressman pat toomey leads joe sestak 49% to 44%. wisconsin republican ron johnson leads three-term incumbent russ feingold, 51 to 45. in colorado, republican and tea party candidate, ken buck leads first term incumbent michael n bennet 49-44. tea party darling christine o'donnell runs far behind the democratic chris coons. that's a 16-point gap. let's go to mark. what do you make of all of this. >> ali, what the common thread is between all of the polls you cited. mike castle, the congressman here in washington, d.c. would have won that republican primary last week. had he won, our polls showed that he would be up 18 points right now over the democrat coons in delaware. we're seeing a double digit deficit for christine o'donnell. however, by and large, ali, as you said, very good numbers for republicans. they've had the opportunity for knocking off an incumbent. russ feingold first electioned in 1992. that would be a huge win up in wisconsin. they also have the opportunity of picking up that colorado seat which seemed to be turning democrat. they also had
the white house unlawfully offered a job to democratic candidate joe sestak so he wouldn't run against arlen specter. >> a clear reading of the law, you believe they committed a crime. i believe they committed a crime. >> he pushed investigation of shenanigans at the management mill ral service and of the fda and food safety before the egg recall. those are not partisan but the democrats warn supports the republicans will go crazy if they win control of the house. >> it's clear that a lot of them are chomping at the bit to do the kind of investigations ala clinton style impeachment hearings. i don't think people want to go back to that. >> representative dan burton went after the clinton white house with a vengeance, issuing 1,052 subpoenas from 19 1997-2002. lanny davis was in the white house under clinton. >> better use of tax dollars than chasing cheap shots using the power of the congressional subpoena. >> i don't think you will see them going after the white house as rabid as republicans did in the 1990s and it backfired. >> when clinton's popularity rose. both parties tend to overplay
talk to barack obama and joe biden. why in the age of joe sestak and these other cases that came out in colorado, romanoff, why do i suspect there might be a you don't endorse her we might have a job waiting for you at the end of the rainbow? why wouldn't he call her and rally around her like he promised in may? >> first of all, i don't think mike castle needs or is gone ha take a job. he has had a very long, very successful career. he's been governor of the state. he's been a member of house for a long time. i know him personally. he's a man of great integrity. you can appreciate this sean. i suspect his feelings are hurt. at the beginning of the year he was the most popular politician in delaware. thought he was going to win easily. focused on the general election. >> sean: i gotta be honest. my son place competitive sports. at the end of a sporting match that he lost, didn't shake the other person's hand he would hear it from his dad. this guy has been in politics 40 years. and he doesn't have the graciousness, the grace, the dignity to, you know go out there, like he promised to
. >> get the picture? let's go to joe sestak. he was on last night. the democratic pennsylvania congressman. here he is going after pat toomye, his opponent in pennsylvania. let's listen. >> do you think corporations pay their fair share? pat toomey thinks they shouldn't pay any taxes. the middle class is struggling, but toomey thinks isle companies and wall street banks should pay no taxes, zero sfwlchlt the solution is to eliminate corporate taxes all together. >> pat toomey, he's for them, not for us. >> i think that's a straight ad, larry. they're using the opponent's words. he's a real club for growther. i think it's fair to say to the pennsylvania voters, do you really want somebody this far over as your senator? >> i have no problem with that at all. that's factual. i have no problem with any negative ad or contrast ad that is factual, that uses the words, not taken out of context, of the opponent. chris, here is what democrats have to do. they're faced with a situation where they can't go to the voters and say, hey, everything is hunky-dory. happy days are here again. reelect me. is
's visit here for sestak saying that joe sestak and president obama are on the same page for their policies which in pennsylvania are not popular. >>shepard: thank you from philadelphia. thank you. a well-known character actor and his wife have been busted on felony charges accused of burglary without the break in. >>shepard: and then before we turn out the lights, actsor randy quaid played a number of roles over the years, including a cash strapped man in "vacation," and he has real money and legal problems. and there are the happy couple. authorities in california charged randy quaid and his wife with burglary, a property owner told the police they were living in the guest house without permission and he sold them the house and did not leave the guest how. quaid and his wife are no stranger to trouble, they were charged with defrauding an inn keeper of $10,000 in 2007. the quaid family. and now wall street, having a great day this afternoon. the dow 145 points a 1.37 percent up, and nasdaq has soared to a brand new four month high, a surprisingly bullish september now,
in pennsylvania, i'm in philadelphia tonight, here in pennsylvania representative joe sestak who is running for the senate would very much like to do it. he thinks it would play here. but there's some conservative democrats who don't want to do it and as ezra klein says without the cooperation of the senate, the house doesn't want to go first in part because some of those blue dog democrats are still angry that they were made by the white house to vote for the cap and trade environment bill a year ago, at least that's their excuse. >> the admission by minority leader boehner that he seems worried that pelosi might bring the vote through in the house using suspension, the two-thirds. is that resonating to any degree from what you're hearing and is there, in fact, a serious approach from the democrats to do it that way? >> it sounds possible. again, not entirely likely, i don't think. i think it would be a smart thing for the democrats to do if they were brave, but that would require them to be brave on this issue and have a positive attitude towards it from the beginning. you don't get anyth
.o.p. landslide come november in pennsylvania senate race. pat toumey pull add head by joe sestak. g.o.p. dominating in ohio. john casic running five points ahead of ted strickland in the state gubernatorial race in ohio senate race bob portman is now seven points ahead of lee fisher. and out in california in the golden state, meg whitman leads jerry brown by six points in the race for governor and karly fiorina trails barbara boxer by just two points but still within the margin of error to. help analyze number wez bring in the pollster, one and only mr. frank luntz good to see you and undecided are down at 4%, 6%, we're still 49 days from the election. yet, everybody made up their minds there. is not that much room to. me those numbers aren't soft. they're harder than people realize. this is going to be hard for democrat autos dick morris contends any break is going to move in the republican column. >> democrats in washington one party rule. they have white house, both houses of congress and so... any break going to take place, any undecided will go republican. >> and traditionally
casey of pennsylvania, who's a moderate democrat. no flame thrower by any means. he's got joe sestak running for the senate. the democrat sestak very much want as vote on this. in pennsylvania, to take one example, it's a clear winner. casey was telling me he would prefer to have a vote. he's a moderate democrat. there aren't enough people in enough places willing to do that. and in enough states. and harry reid has got his own personal problems back in nevada. he's under siege and thought of as a great inside moving guy. he's running for re-election. he doesn't want to have to defend right now any tax vote. david axelrod, the political spin master inside the white house is now telling everybody, you know, don't worry. we'll have the issue because we can talk about what we're going to do after the election and what the republicans want to do after the election. if you're going to do something after the election that you can do now, why should anybody believe you're going to do it later. >> it's more than that. i took one government class that was a laboratory in college. we knew poli
tomorrow. going to pennsylvania, campaiinwihe democrat's senate nominee up there, joe sestak. he's going to be helping raise money, campaign cash, for sestak who right now, according to polls, tails the republican nominee up there. that's a seat the democrats want to keep in party hands. and finally, check thi out. our cnn 100. we updated a list of the most vulnerable house seats. we have 100 of them. and right now, we say 85 of democratic are seats. 15, only 15 are republicans. rememberdon, the magic number for the republicans who win back contl nof the house, they need a net gain o39. check it all out at don? >> thanks. >> all right, let's checkhe stories that will be grabbing the headlines in the week ahead. from the world of politics to wall street to show business. the president brushing criticism off because he wants to give students a pep talk and give the american people an update on his education initiatives. later in the week he's goi back on the campaign trail, connecticut, to raise money as we get closer and closer toe those critical midterms. i'm dana bash
to campaign with joe sestak, a congressman with this state. that senate seat and a bunch of house seats as well. why the problem? the economy, of course. take a look at this, fred, our brand new cnn corporation's national poll. we put it out this morning. you can see 44% of the people we questioned say the economic conditions right now are very poor. that is up seven points from july and that is the trouble. it's going the wrong way. more people more pessimistic about the economy, fred. >> so who exactly is getting the blame for this economy, the state of affairs currently? >> reporter: we asked that in the poll, and republicans more than democrats, still. 47% of those we questioned said the republicans were more responsible for the current economic conditions, 35% for the democrats and 16% are blaming both parties. so the republicans still getting it because they think this goes back to president bush. but how about president obama? do they think he is doing good in the economy. only 40% think president obama is doing good with the economy. >> we'll see you in pittsburgh and we'll see
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